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Sidecar app allows you share data while making a phone call

Sidecar app allows you share data while making a phone call San Francisco-based startup called Sidecar has launched a new mobile phone app that promises to make phone calls much smarter.

The Sidecar app, which is available for Android phones, iPhone and iPod Touch for free, allows users to make free VoIP calls, share live videos, photos and contact & location data.

What makes the Sidecar app unique is its capability to allow users to share photos or location data while they talk on the phone. In other words, the user will not have to end his/her phone call and go to another app to share data.

It also allows whisper text, a feature that allows users to send a private text message to another Sidecar user during a phone call and keep the conversation going when it is difficult to talk.

Rob Williams, chief executive of Sidecar, said that the new app would ensure more fun, engaging and expressive conversation.

Speaking about the app, he added, "People who wanted to do more than talk had to toggle back and forth between voice call and whatever else they wanted to share. Sidecar tears down those barriers.

Android users can download the Sidecar app from Google Play, while iOS users can have it from Apple App Store.