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Google Knowledge Graph: How It Changes Search

Google Knowledge Graph: How It Changes SearchGoogle’s new ‘Knowledge Graph’ feature marks an improvement which underscores an increased understanding of search queries, with the feature changing the Google search service in such a way that it now supplements the search results with sets of related facts.

‘Knowledge Graph’ is, in fact, an innovation, as Google describes it, which matches up to Facebook in the sense that while the popular social network is essentially a set of associated data about people and their friends, the new Google feature is a set of associated data pertaining to a particular search query.

With the ‘Knowledge Graph’ feature apparently aimed at giving a ‘smarter’ edge to the Google search engine, certain queries of the users will now produce a set of facts which will be displayed in the right-hand sidebar panel, by the side of the expected search results list.

Since search results on Google will be notably augmented by a set of associated facts, the ‘Knowledge Graph’ feature could seemingly have an impact on Wikipedia and other such websites which may end up with lesser visitor traffic.

Noting that Google has always endeavored to “understand exactly what you mean and give you back exactly what you want,” Amit Singhal – Google’s SVP of engineering – said in a recent blog post that Google can “now sometimes help answer your next question before you've asked it,” and added that the facts that ‘Knowledge Graph’ displays are “informed by what other people have searched for."