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CloudOn Microsoft Office support comes to Android

CloudOn Microsoft Office support comes to AndroidAfter bringing on Microsoft Office functionality to the iPad version of its app in April, budding cloud platform CloudOn has now announced that Microsoft Office support is now available for the Android-based tablet computers.

Going by the CloudOn announcement about the Android-tablet version of its app, which can be downloaded from Google Play, CloudOn revealed that its support for Android extends to `Honeycomb' and `Ice Cream Sandwich' versions - that is, version 3.1 or later - of the Android operating system.

Announcing Microsoft Office functionality for Android tablets, CloudOn also said that the new offering will be integrated with the Google Drive; thus implying that users of Android tablets will be able to save their Office documents to their accounts on the Google cloud storage service.

The CloudOn web service chiefly gives the users a `virtualization' of Microsoft Office, enabling them to run cloud-hosted versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, as well as access and modify their files on these Office components.

Furthermore, its support for viewing PDF files and picture files as well largely makes CloudOn more of a lite cloud-based operating system, which gives the users an `anywhere, anytime' access to their most important documents.

Though CloudOn is `free' as of now, the company will likely begin charging the users for its services in the near future because it has to pay fees to Microsoft for offering its apps on a hosted basis.