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Adobe launching its CS6 software package for designers and Web developers

Adobe launching its CS6 software package for designers and Web developers At an event in San Francisco on Monday, Adobe Systems will reportedly announce its Creative Suite 6 (CS6) --- the most recent version of the company's software package aimed at designers and Web developers.

The CS6 launch comes after several sneak previews of the software package as well as a few earlier announcements; and will essentially comprise programs like Photoshop and Illustrator, which will primarily target the Web designers.

With the Adobe Creative Solutions business, the unit behind the Creative Suite software, accounting for a large chunk of the company's revenue, the newness which Adobe is bringing aboard the CS6 is that the forthcoming software package is being adapted by the company for more advanced Web design and publishing on mobile devices.

Going by the reports, CS6 will be available as part of Adobe's Creative Cloud offering, and will also be available on a subscription basis; costing the subscribers a monthly fees which begins at $50 for users who sign up for a year. However, there is also an introductory offer of a $30 per month subscription for the existing customers of CS3, CS4, and CS5. x.

Over and above the CS6 Master Collection, the subscription for the new software package includes a 20GB online file sync service like Dropbox; the Touch apps for tablets; Web site hosting; Lightroom for photo editing and cataloging; and a tablet publishing service; and Adobe's new Edge and Muse tools to facilitate the designing of Web pages in the HTML5 era.