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Intel's Ivy Bridge chips launch using '3D transistors'

Intel's Ivy Bridge chips launch using '3D transistors'Chip giant Intel's new family of Core microprocessors - called the `Ivy Bridge' - is scheduled for launch at a San Francisco event on Monday; with the initial release reportedly to include 13 quad-core processors, which will largely be aimed at desktop computers. However, `later this spring', Intel will also debut dual-core processors which will chiefly target the ultrabooks.

According to the details shared by Intel, the Ivy Bridge family of processors will be the first chips to use a `3D transistors' --- an innovation will give the chips a notably increased computational power, while lowering the energy consumption.

The boost in performance of the new Ivy Bridge processors will essentially be an upshot of the fact that the circuit widths will be reduced from 32 to 22 nanometres.

The launch of the new Ivy Bridge line of processors is being spearheaded by Intel's PC business chief Kirk Skaugen, who told BBC that the soon-to-be-launched processors will be the world's first 22 nanometre product, and will be capable of delivering approximately 20 percent more processor performance, while reducing the average power consumption by 20 percent.

Revealing that both Intel and the PC manufacturers are quite hopeful that the launch Ivy Bridge processors will drive a wave of new sales, Skaugen said that the "momentum around the system design is pretty astonishing," and added: "There are more than 300 mobile products in development and more than 270 different desktops, many of which are all-in-one designs."