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Gift of Life campaigns against embryo freezing

Gift of Life campaigns against embryo freezingGift of Life, a pro-life campaigner, has is aggressively using online adverts to campaign against embryo freezing in Malta.

The pro-life group has been campaign against the controversial practice of freezing of extra embryos that aren’t implanted in a woman's body during IVF, demanding political parties to pass a law to regulate the practice.

Paul Vincenti, a spokesperson for Gift of Life, said that the practice of embryo freezing remained a cause for serious concern for them.

While practitioners says that freezing embryos facilitates success rates of the treatment, Vincenti argues that there is no need to freeze embryos as female egg freezing technology is available in the country.

Speaking on the topic, Vincenti said, “IVF treatment may be provided in Malta without having to create excess or spare embryos.”

Nationalist MP Jean Pierre Farrugia, the chairperson of a parliamentary committee which recommended the adoption of extra embryos, criticized Gift of Life for treating supporters of IVF like criminals.

The organization underlined that it understands the suffering of infertile couples and that it is not against medically assisted reproduction, but it can not favor the freezing of human embryos.