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Nokia releases software update to fix Lumia 900’s data connectivity issue

Nokia releases software update to fix Lumia 900’s data connectivity issueNokia has issued a software fix for the data connectivity issue which was reported by the early buyers of the Nokia’s new flagship Windows Phone handset, the Lumia 900 on AT&T, soon after the handset went on sale on April 8.

The software update which Nokia has issued for its new Lumia 900 smartphone addresses a memory management issue, which resulted in the loss of 2G, 3G, or 4G LTE data services when the handset was switched to airplane mode, restarted or powered down. Before the release of the update, the only fix for the data connectivity problem was to complete a hard reset of the handset’s operating system.

Quick to acknowledge the problem and promising a fix for the same at the earliest possible, Nokia has now revealed that the fix – which updates the newly-released smartphone to resolve the data connectivity issue – is now live, and can be easily downloaded from the company’s site.

Nokia Lumia 900 users who wish to fix the data connectivity issue affecting their devices can download Zune software for their computer and update their handset on your own. Upon downloading the software, they need to connect their new handset to their computer, so that Zune pops up the fix straight away.

However, users who may still not be satisfied even after getting the fix can go to their local AT&T store to avail Nokia’s offer of getting their handsets exchanged for a brand new Nokia 900. This offer can be availed till April 21.