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Oxytocin brings improvement in sexual function in man

Oxytocin brings improvement in sexual function in manIt has been stated that men who have Asperger's syndrome, sexual function can be improved with oxytocin, a hormone.

It was all known while treating a father who is 32 years of age and has three children. He suffered from ADHD and was getting treated by doctors at the San Diego Medical Center and it was then that the side effect of the so-called love hormone was seen.

This man had a wife but led an unsocial life and this was stated as `innate aversion to social relationships.' He told them he knew he should mix more.

There was no success for him when it came to medication for the ADHD and treatment with antidepressants for his social anxiety and it rather led to sexual dysfunction that was not relieved by medications.

The patient then agreed for being treated with the hormone as some earlier research suggests that oxytocin can improve social functioning. This hormone was administered to him as a nasal spray and when it comes to the sexual function, the doctors and the man himself didn't expect anything positive.

There were noticeable improvements in the condition of the patient and this expected by his colleagues also. The man's wife said, "He wants to be closer which led to more intimacy."