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Easter store closures cut into Lumia 900 phone's sales debut

Easter store closures cut into Lumina 900 phone's sales debutEven though the first details of the successful launch of the Nokia Lumia 900 have started to trickle in, some reports have hinted that the store closures for Easter apparently cut into the sales debut of the handset, which hit the markets on Sunday, April 8.

As such, the actual launch of the Lumia 900 - Nokia's flagship Windows Phone handset to be sold by AT&T - was seemingly a mixed bag, as the Easter Sunday debut of the phone delivered it a blow because most of the AT&T stores were closed for the holiday.

According to a New York Times reporter, almost all the 39 AT&T stores in and around Times Square in Manhattan were either closed for Easter Sunday or failed to respond to telephone calls. Reports from the Seattle area have revealed that though the big AT&T store in Southcenter was closed Sunday, the store in Pacific Place was open.

While AT&T spokeswoman Anne Marshall could not give any specific reason as to why the Lumia 900 was released on Easter Sunday, she did mention that the buyers were keeping the staff "busy" brick and mortar stores of the carrier, which was also selling the handset online.

Meanwhile, refraining from making any disclosure about the early sales figures for the Lumia 900, a Microsoft spokesperson said that the company "isn't looking at any one day as a measure of success but is looking at the long term."