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AT&T to unlock your contract-less iPhones this Sunday

AT&T to unlock your contract-less iPhones this SundayIn a recent confirmation about unlocking of iPhones, AT&T said that from Sunday, April 8, it will unlock the contract-less iPhones --- that is, it will give those customers the advantage of unlocked iPhones whose contracts have expired or those who have a "good standing."

The unlocking of the iPhones by AT&T will give the users of the handset the ability to switch to the services of some other carrier, provided that the network of the carrier which the users hop on to is compatible with the unlocked Apple phone.

The iPhone unlocking move by AT&T was long overdue because, thus far, the carrier had been keeping its iPhones locked; and, as such, even after the expiry of the service contract with the carrier, the users still remained bound to it.

However, with the company now confirming that it will allow some customers to unlock their iPhones, the customers will henceforth be able to severe their ties with AT&T, and be free to move on to some other carrier of their choice.

In its statement confirming the move to unlock iPhones, AT&T - which was the sole iPhone carrier ever since the handset's 2007 launch till February last year - said: "Beginning Sunday, April 8, we will offer qualifying customers the ability to unlock their AT&T iPhones."

The carrier further added that the "requirements" for having their iPhones unlocked include: a "good standing" of their customer accounts; no present and active term commitment on an AT&T customer account; and the expiry of AT&T contract or payment of early termination charges.