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Google unveils its long-rumored “Project Glass” concept

Google unveils its long-rumored “Project Glass” conceptIn a move which gives Google a leading edge, especially over its biggest rival Apple, in a revolutionary and rapidly-advancing arena called `wearable computing,' the Internet search giant Wednesday unveiled its thus-far-secretive but much-rumored "Project Glass" concept.

The stealth project - on which a small team of engineers at the Google X lab has been working for around two years - essentially pertains to the creation of Internet-connected glasses, which boast the functionality of a smartphone and place it into an eyeglasses-like wearable product.

According to the details shared by Google in its recently-released "Project Glass" concept video on YouTube, the wearable device will feature a see-through lens which will be capable of displaying text messages, maps, reminders, and just about all other useful information.

The YouTube video also hints that the "heads-up display" glasses may also boast the capability of responding to voice commands for displaying video chats, recording notes, clicking pictures, and even providing turn-by-turn directions.

Despite the fact that the exact look and feel of the hardware and software for Google's "augmented reality" glasses is presently in the early design stage, the prototypes of the glasses are apparently being tested by the Google X engineers outside of the lab's walls.

With the glasses underscoring the potential for Google to interlink its ad-supported online services more closely with people's day-to-day lives, the company recently said in a post on its Google+ page: "We think technology should work for you -- to be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don't."