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Bird flu studies gets go ahead for getting published

Bird flu studies gets go ahead for getting publishedPublication of two controversial papers on avian flu was recommended by the US National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity, NSABB.

However, the board last year had said that the two studies should not appear in publication as a bioterror attack could access the information given in these two studies.

There was a possibility of an accidental release as more laboratories could have worked on the virus following the results published, the board feared.

There have been new guidelines for this and it is to keep away dual use being raised only at the eve of publication.

The earlier decision of the board to keep away the studies from getting published was revised after a two-day meeting. Out of the two papers, one is disputed and following this the NSABB unanimously recommended full publication of one of the two papers, a manuscript submitted to Nature by Yoshihiro Kawaoka of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and his colleagues.

Editor-in-chief Philip Campbell said, “We at Nature are delighted. Subject to any outstanding regulatory or legal issues, we intend to proceed with publication as soon as possible.”