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Apple to offer new iPad refunds to Australian customers

Apple to offer new iPad refunds to Australian customersWith the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) having recently complained in a federal court that Apple had apparently misled the new iPad buyers in Australia by falsely claiming that the new tablet was compatible with the 4G networks in the country, Apple has responded to the complaint by saying that it was prepared to offer iPad refunds to Australian buyers.

Accusing Apple of misleading Australian customers with regard to the 4G capabilities of the new iPad, the ACCC had sought a court order including injunctions against the sale of the new iPad in the country, as well as monetary penalties and reimbursement.

In response to the ACCC’s complaint, Apple’s lawyer Paul Anastassiou recently told a Federal Court in Melbourne that Apple was ready to give refunds to the new iPad buyers in Australia.

In addition, Anastassiou also clarified that Apple had actually never claimed in its advertisements that the new iPad would be compatible with the 4G network of Telstra - the only Australian telecom company having a working 4G network – which uses a different frequency than the frequencies used by 4G networks in the US.

Nonetheless, along with adding that Apple would offer new iPad refunds, Anastassiou also added that the company would also make the potential buyers aware of the fact that the new tablet was not compatible with the 4G network of Australian carrier Telstra. For that purpose, Apple intends posting a statement on its website as well as at its stores.