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Facebook’s motion to dismiss a 2010 lawsuit brought by Paul Ceglia

Facebook’s motion to dismiss a 2010 lawsuit brought by Paul CegliaIn what marks Facebook's most aggressive move for dismissing a lawsuit brought by Paul Ceglia in 2010, the social network recently rebuffed the entrepreneur's claims of ownership of a major stake in the company.

According to the claims put forth by Ceglia - who commissioned Mark Zuckerberg to work on a website in 2003 - in his lawsuit, a contract deal with Zuckerberg entitled him to a 50 percent share in Zuckerberg's Facebook stake, the value of which currently is billions of dollars.

In an attempt to dismiss Ceglia's claims, Facebook - in a motion filed on Monday - divulged the outcome of a probe, which ran into months and included forensic analysis as well as emails that dated back to the period when Facebook founder Zuckerberg was a Harvard University freshman.

Terming Ceglia's claims as "a fraud and a lie," the revelation by Facebook essentially underscored Ceglia's alleged desperation for cash; and his evident scheme to extort money from one of most valuable and rapidly-growing companies in the US.

Going by Facebook's claims, when, in mid-2012, promotions for the film titled "The Social Network" - narrating the story of the origin of the increasing popular social network - started airing, Ceglia was arrested and charged for swindling customers out of a whopping amount of $200,000.

Meanwhile, in a prepared statement in response to Facebook's motion, Ceglia's lawyer Sandford Dumain - of the law firm Milberg LLP - said: "Mr. Ceglia deserves his day in court, where the jury will resolve this dispute over the ownership of Facebook."