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Homeopathy is not effective: Ernst

Homeopathy is not effective: ErnstHomeopathy according to Professor Edzard Ernst is doubtful biologically and the NHS should not be offering it. Ernst has set up the department of complementary medicine at the University of Exeter.

Ernst said that it has been seen in clinical trials that homeopathy is not effective when compared to other medicines.

He further added that best treatments available are being ignored by people who still maintain homeopathic treatments are effective.

He also said that at times homeopathy is put to use instead of immunizations and this can be dangerous as at such instances scientifically proven medical procedures are ignored.

Prof Ernst, a former homeopathist, is an outspoken critic of unproven treatments provided on the NHS.

Homeopathy takes about £4 million a year from NHS share and homeopathy works on cure through exposure to a diluted form of the substance that caused their symptoms.

He said, “Homeopathy could be and often is used as an alternative to effective interventions. For example, the advice from homeopaths not to immunise has become a major cause of low vaccination rates.”

He also said that only if doctors did not tell the truth to their patients about the illness and cure only then homeopathy as a placebo can work.