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New IVF device increases chances of pregnancy

New IVF device increases chances of pregnancyBy more than a quarter the chances of pregnancy can improve with a new way of processing embryos during IVF treatment.

The new treatment makes the chances incubating newly fertilised embryos during IVF treatment better. Stress from environmental stresses can be avoided by the new system as it is designed to give protection to the the growing bundles of cells as it will keep away any threat that can be caused to the development.

There is a single sealed unit in which various conditions that are present inside a womb are maintained and this increases the chances of pregnancy as in the conventional systems, the embryos had to be transferred between different devices to perform all the various stages of IVF treatment and this led to them getting damaged at times.

The percentage of embryos getting developed to the blastocyst stage was 30 per cent but with this treatment the percentage is 40. When the new system was introduced, there was an increase seen in clinical pregnancy rates.

Professor Mary Herbert, who led the research team at Newcastle Fertility Centre at Life, part of Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said, "Our aim was to keep eggs and embryos in conditions similar to those they would experience naturally, inside a woman's body."