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Grant for peanut allergy research in Cambridge

Grant for peanut allergy research in CambridgeAbout £10.8m has been given to Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH) NHS Trust as a grant and this will benefit peanut allergy research.

National Institute for Health Research has invested over £100m in NHS clinical research facilities and the funds are a part of this.

The facility will be extended at Addenbrooke's Hospital with this money.

Research on peanut allergy that affects about one out of 50 kids in the UK alone will get a part of this sum.

There are many reactions seen in people who are allergic to peanuts and it can sometime prove fatal also.

Prof Krishna Chatterjee from CUH said, "We are delighted our funding application was successful. This money will be used to fund running costs for the facility and a new satellite unit over the next five years."

He added that various aspects of research like understanding obesity, making a pancreas, peanut allergy etc will get benefited from this money. He took it as an opportunity to benefit patients.

According to secretary of state for health Andrew Lansley, this sum will try and make possibilities wider.