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Tim Cook: Apple and Facebook “can do more together”

Tim Cook: Apple and Facebook “can do more together” According to a recent report in The Verge, Apple's annual shareholders meeting on Thursday witnessed CEO Tim Cook responding to wide-ranging questions, including whether his company considered the popular social network Facebook a "friend" or "foe."

In response to a question - about Apple association with Facebook; and its views about the social network - by one of the members of the audience at the meeting, Cook said that Apple and Facebook are two aligned companies, which hardly ever overlie each other's respective businesses. Cook gave no hint at all about the hostility which reportedly crept into the relations of the two companies after the failure of the iTunes/Facebbok integration deal.

Noting that Apple does "a lot" with Facebook, especially with the users of the Apple devices "using Facebook a tremendous amount," Cook said that the Apple-Facebook association is "not like some other companies [where] we see a significant overlap in the things we do." He further added that, in his opinion, the two companies "can do more together."

With Cook giving a positive undertone to Apple's opinions about Facebook, the social network apparently thinks the same way about the Cupertino-based bigwig tech company. In its statement about Apple, Facebook said that it considered the iOS "an important platform"; and that the relation the social network shared with the iDevices-maker was a "good" one.