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GPs paid for dead patients

GPs paid for dead patientsIt has been stated that after removing non-existent patients from GPs list, about £6.1m has been saved for the NHS.

It has however been added that this clean-up process could have saved the taxpayer a lot more.

In 2009 and 2010 a probe into about 58 million patient records clarified that there were many duplicate registrations and other anomalies and according to the Audit Commission, from the GPs list about 95,000 ghost names had been successfully removed.

More savings could have been done and they were not realized.

Andy McKeon, the commission's managing director of health said, “I was disappointed that some areas did not rigorously follow-up the information that had been provided through their National Duplicate Registration Initiative

There were many instances where the GPs were given money for treating people who did not even exist. And this amount is about £64.59 per patient.

In the list many names were removed and about 157 of the ghost patients removed from lists had died before 1980. There was one patient who was in a GP’s list until April last year but had actually died in 1969.