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Google hires ex-congresswoman Susan Molinari as new head of its D.C. office

Google hires ex-congresswoman Susan Molinari as new head of its D.C. office Google's political presence, amid its ongoing scrutiny by regulators, recently got a notable boost when the company revealed in a Thursday announcement that former congresswoman and highly-experienced lobbyist Susan Molinari will assume charge as the new head of the company's Washington D. C. staff.

According to reports, Molinari will likely begin her stint at Google in March, when she will take over the responsibility as the `Vice President of public policy and government relations for the Americas', chiefly overseeing government outreach in that capacity. She will be replacing Alan Davidson, who announced his departure from the company in November last year.

With Google having attracted increasing regulatory scrutiny - both in the US and overseas - in recent times, due to its contentious privacy practices and competitive behavior, its viewpoint will be strengthened with the presence of Molinari, who - after her tenure as a Republican representative from a New York City district from 1990 to 1997 - became a registered lobbyist; and has represented a number of companies over the years.

As per the information shared by an unnamed Google official, the Internet search giant has hired Molinari with the expectation that she will help lawmakers "better understand" the company, its functioning and its far-reaching impact.

About Molinari's appointment at Google, David Drummond - the company's Chief Legal Officer - said in a prepared statement: "I am excited about Susan joining Google. She's a true trailblazer and her enthusiasm for our technology and its potential to change lives will be a real asset to our team in the Americas."