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Reports claim that Google is developing ‘smartphone-like’ glasses

Reports claim that Google is developing ‘smartphone-like’ glassesAccording to recent reports from The New York Times and Google's 9to5google. com blog, Google is probably venturing into the `wearable devices' arena - which will possibly be the next evolution of how people interact with technology - with its `smartphone-like' glasses.

Going by the reports, the Internet search giant is working on a pair of specs which, quite like the smartphone, will essentially work as a computer which the users will wear on their nose. The Google glasses will boast a small screen, maps, GPS and some other useful apps.

As per the information shared in the Times report, Google's innovative pair of glasses will likely hit the markets this year; and will carry a price-tag of between $250 and $600. The glasses will seemingly use some variation of augmented reality --- that is, a technology which has already made its way to the smartphones and tablets and overlays details about the users' surroundings on to the screen.

Despite the fact that there are apprehensions galore from industry-watchers about whether Google's futuristic glasses will eventually become a mainstream consumer product some day, 9to5Google's publisher Seth Weintraub is of the opinion that such wearable devices will gain popularity with time.

Predicting that the avant-garde sci-fi hype and perception of a computer in Google's glasses will initially appeal only to the "techies," Weintraub said that the glasses are "just like smartphones 10 years ago. A few people started getting emails on their phones and people thought that was nuts. Same kind of thing"!