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19 year old cannot remember anything except 24 hours

19 year old cannot remember anything except 24 hours An incredibly rare condition has struck a teenager due to which she cannot remember what happened a day before in her life as she can only remember last 24 hours.

Doctors have stated that Jess Lydon is suffering from Susac syndrome, the condition that was shown in `Groundhog Day' the hit movie in which Bill Murray relives the same day.

The 19-year-old explained, "Sometimes I can't even remember what I had for dinner the night before. I can't remember Christmas, or my birthday in December."

In the entire world, till date, this condition has been seen only in about 250 people, making this disorder very rare.

After being diagnosed with the condition, she parted her ways with her boyfriend of two years but even now when she wakes up in the morning she feels that they are together.

There were tests that spanned across three months after Jess suffered from severe headaches and dizziness.

Doctors feel that these symptoms can last for as much as five years but do not really know the reason behind them. In the most extreme cases sufferers can lose their sight or hearing.