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Apple to entwine its mobile and desktop operating systems more elaborately

Apple to entwine its mobile and desktop operating systems more elaborately With the new Apple OS X Mountain Lion including some of the most popular iOS features, like the messaging and notification systems, Apple will apparently try to ensure that there is an elaborate entwinement of the company's mobile and desktop operating systems; a feat which Microsoft is also aiming at with its Windows 8 OS.

During the course of an interview with the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), close on the heels of the recent announcement of OS X Mountain Lion, Phil Schiller - Apple's Senior VP of worldwide marketing - said that his company's decision to closely entwine its mobile and desktop OS was essentially an upshot of its `logical' speculations about "what the user is going to experience using these products."

In a separate interview with the same newspaper, Apple's CEO Tim Cook revealed that since the users of the iPhone were "in love with a lot of the apps and functionality" on the handset, it was quite logical to bring the mentioned features aboard the Macs too.

With Apple mobile and desktop operating systems intertwined more closely, the Mountain Lion's new Messages app will enable the Apple ecosystems users to start an iMessage conversation on their iPhone and continue it on their MacBook Pro.

As such, with the imminent release of the OS X Mountain Lion, Apple - just like Microsoft - will look to provide its users with as seamless a cross-device experience as possible on its smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops and other devices.