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MacRumors: iPad 3 will have high-resolution Retina Display

MacRumors: iPad 3 will have  high-resolution Retina Display According to a MacRumors' Friday report, the forthcoming Apple iPad 3 - the next iteration of the popular Apple tablet - will boast a fabulously-slick and high-resolution `Retina Display.'

Revealing that the technical issues which Apple supposedly struggled with for the Retina Display last fall are now a thing of the past, the MacRumors report claimed that it had convincing evidence in the form of a "raw iPad 3 display."

To substantiate the claims, microscope-enlarged images of the iPad 3's display were published recently which purportedly reveal that the QXGA screen of the iPad 3 has a linear resolution two times that of the iPad 2. In more specific terms, the 9.7-inch Retina Display on the iPad 3 would have full resolution of 2048-by-1536, as against the preceding two iPad models' 1024-by-768 displays.

Elaborating on the evidence about the Retina Display of iPad 3, MacRumors' Eric Slivka said in a recent post that the "raw iPad 3 display" showed that, in comparison to the cluster of 4 pixels (2x2) on the iPad 2, the upcoming iPad 3 had 16 pixels (4x4); thereby hinting at "exactly twice the resolution in each direction."

Furthermore, going by the information shared in the MacRumors' report, the forthcoming iPad 3 - which is expected to be debuted next month; most likely on March 7 - will also probably have more thickness than its predecessor, and will be the first Apple tablet to feature a quad-core processor. In addition, the tablet will also bring aboard, for the first time, 4G LTE connectivity to an iOS device.