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LightSquared’s Plan B: Swapping Airwaves

LightSquared’s Plan B: Swapping AirwavesClose on the heels of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s recent decision against allowing LightSquared to operate its proposed national high-speed wireless network owing to GPS interference concerns, the company has apparently worked out a shift in its strategy; and may now seek to swap its wireless airwave licenses with comparable ones operated by the US Department of Defense.

With the Department of Defense, as well as the legislators and the manufacturers of farm equipment and Global Positioning System (GSP) devices having widely disapproved LightSquared’s network on the grounds that its network signal operates too close to the ones used for GPS and could lead to interference, the company is seemingly mulling its Plan B for reviving its mobile broadband service.

According to the information shared by the sources ‘in the know’ of the proceedings at LightSquared, the company could possibly seek to exchange airwaves because the Defense Department airwaves – which are chiefly used for aircraft testing - operate on a frequency which does not interfere with GPS signals and is, thus, less likely to cause any overcrowding.

However, despite the fact that the sources have stated that the swapping of the airwaves is one of the many options which LightSquared is working on after the FCC decision, it is believed that such an exchange of airwaves would not be easy because not only would it require the Defense Department to be keen on the swapping, but it would also require LightSquared to raise additional funds!