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Dementia predicted by slow walking

Dementia predicted by slow walkingUS researchers have stated that likelihood of developing dementia can be seen by the speed someone walks.

It was said that chances of stroke could be assessed by grip strength in middle-age.

For understanding what was happening, more studies were needed, scientists said.

Important questions were raised by the study and more study was needed.

Even before, there has been a link made between slow walking speed and poor health.

A link could be established between heart problems and heart attacks that could lead to death and slow walking, a study said.

Dr Erica Camargo, who conducted the latest study at the Boston Medical Centre, said, "While frailty and lower physical performance in elderly people have been associated with an increased risk of dementia, we weren't sure until now how it impacted people of middle age."

About 2,410 people were taken who were all 62 years old on an average and there brain scans, walking speed and grip strength was recorded.

According to the results recorded, dementia was developed by 34 people 11 years later and stroke was experienced by 79 people.