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Economies around the globe are growing more slowly

Economies around the globe are growing more slowlyThe global economy has been affecting the United States, Europe along with the China, the world’s largest populated country. It has warned about the rising signs of the damage to these countries.

Moreover it is expected that in coming future the major economies would raise more. But the fact is that the many economies around the world are struggling to expand as fast as they did last year.

There are countries which have been struggling from the economy. European governments are one of them who have been struggling with debts and squeezed budgets. This year the growth of the Britain's economy was in a slight.

In addition Europe's strongest economy, Germany, is probable to have a slowdown.

The slowdown in the US economy is due to high unemployment, depressed real estate and still-high oil prices. The economy grew at a slight 1.8 per cent annual rate from January through March. Japan has got a terrible loss after the earthquake and nuclear crisis. It has jumped back into a recession. The reasons in China were interest-rate hikes which led to reduce inflation and thus affecting the growth.