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iPhone 3GS pricing rolled out by SingTel
iPhone 3GS pricing rolled out by SingTel

The prices of the Apple iPhone 3GS, the newest iPhone model, has been unveiled by SingTel. This new handset will be available from Friday.

For those who will subscribe to the new, cheaper 500MB iFlexi Lite plan at S$39 per month, the highest price has been set at S$678 for a 32GB model. On the other hand, a 16GB iPhone 3GS would be acquired for free by those who choose to subscribe to the 2GB iFlexi Plus plan at S$95 a month.

An upgradation to the new model is possible for the present SingTel iPhone 3G users who have completed six months of their contract by topping up S$600 to re-contract for another 24 months.

These users can also trade in their 8GB iPhone 3G and 16GB iPhone 3G to offset S$300 and S$400, respectively, from the cost of the new model.