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Cycling benefits outweigh the risks
Cycling benefits outweigh the risks

If you thought that cycling was exposing you to air pollution then you might be wrong because researchers have outweighed the risks associated with cycling by the benefits it can provide to your health.  

Researchers at the University of Utrecht had conducted a study that stated cycling does wonders to your health and the risks associated with it like being exposed to pollution or being involved in an accident are minimal.

The team witnessed that life expectancy of those who switched to cycles from cars increased between three to 14 months whereas the days lost due to air pollution are just 0.8 to 40 days. It is clear that benefits outweigh the risks.

Researchers stated that, "On average, the estimated health benefits of cycling were substantially larger than the risks relative to car driving for individuals shifting their mode of transport."

Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, has shown interest in protecting those who don their cycling gear to travel across the capital and for doing so for about six months; a new cycle safety mirror called a Trixi will be put to trail in parts of the city.