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Toshiba’s Single Screen W100 tablet, is it worth launching?

Toshiba-Libretto-W100The dear price of Toshiba Libretto W100 dual screen tablet costing nearly £900, led the industry watchers ponder over the fact whether it is a reasonable offering or not.

It comes as an advice for the Japanese manufacturer to offer a cut-down version of the W100.

A product, that has close resemblance with AC100, Toshiba's innovative Android-based Tegra-powered laptop.

This move shall offer two advantages in one go, firstly downgrading to Android/Tegra platform would significantly cut the price of the device while increasing the battery life of the device while keeping the rest of the configuration stable.

According to the industry experts a single screen W100 with a 7-inch WXGA capacitive touch display, 512MB RAM, 8GB onboard storage, 8-hour battery life that comes with Toshiba TG01; 1GHz Snapdragon processor, built-in accelerometer, 3G/Wi-Fi connectivity, microSD card reader and a USB port are some of the offerings that might boost up the sales.

The present tablet PC range is limited to the M780, and with the above claimed features and priced £450 it can become a worthy competitor to the Apple iPad.