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Google Ready for Compromise

Google Ready for CompromiseGoogle is now ready for a compromise with European data protection authorities. It will offer a compromise this week. These authorities are demanding that Google should hand over the data the Company intercepted wrongly from private Wi-Fi connections.

But Google is facing a dilemma over whether it should handover this data to the authorities. It collected the data while taking photographs for its Street View service.

Data protection agencies in Germany, France and Spain are asking Google to handover all the hard drives containing the data to the respective agencies. It will also include e-mails, website addresses and other related data. The agencies are demanding all the data to be handed back to them.

But some experts including the US-based Electronic Frontier Foundation feel that it will be better if Google does not hand over this data to the European authorities. They fear that giving this data back to the authorities can result in further harming privacy.

The Company stressed that its external lawyers had also suggested that it should not hand over this data to the European authorities. The Company is expected to reveal a compromise formula this week but it is not clear what it will be.

Google maintained that it is working on these plans and will soon provide more information to European data protection authorities this week.