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Sea Lice Fatal To Salmon- Biologist Fears Salmon Extinction By 2010

Biologist Alexandra MortonBiologist Alexandra Morton's statistical model predicts that pink salmon in Broughton would be extinct by 2010. The primary reason according to her reports is the threat of sea lice from fish farms. As per the results of her study, Morton claims that 1 to 3 sea lice can prove deadly to young salmon.

Contrary to her reports, the information from the Pacific salmon forum states that,' duration of survival of juvenile salmon decreased with increased lice loads but this effect was only statistically supported when lice loads were an order of magnitude (10 times) greater than levels reported in nature'.

As per a research conducted the sea lice levels were at a historic high in 2004, but presently the sea lice levels are 20 to 100 times lower in Broughton. Further the research which was conducted far from the fish farms demonstrated far greater levels of sea lice than currently found in Broughton.

Morton claims that the presence of sea lice which comes from fish farms is killing the sockeye salmon from the Fraser River. Though the number of the sockeye is far too large, there is a possibility that the salmon may get extinct in the coming years.

Ms. Morton further states that it is advisable to look for suitable alternatives of healthy salmon rather than exert tremendous on wild stocks.