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Liquidnet opens fourth office in Singapore
Liquidnet opens fourth office in Singapore

The world’s leading electronic marketplace shall be opening its office in Singapore this month to enable institutional investors to undertake large trading without price alteration.

With 109 members signed in to trade Asia-Pacific equities, Liuqidnet shall act as a protected venue for large trading.

Buy-side investors representing millions of individual investors are expressing even greater need in these shifting markets to trade large blocks of Asian stock quickly to preserve the conviction of their trading decisions, said Liuqidnet Asia’s managing director David Klinger.

Liquidnet which has offices in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Sydney has already been trading in Singapore, and in third quarter of 2008 alone, the average value of a trading in Singapore equities had been S$1.8 million.

Liquidnet's global membership of 535 firms collectively account for an estimated $16.4 trillion in equity assets under management, or an average of $30.6 billion per member (as on 31 July 08).

Liquidnet started its Asian operations on 29 November 2007, trading Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and Japan equities, and in Australia on 20 February 2008.

The Singapore office will be managed by Greg Hency, who joined the firm in July 2004 and was looking after portfolio trading operations of Liquidnet in New York.  Henry earlier worked for Fidelity Capital Market Services, Investment Technology Group Inc. and Instinet Inc.

Liquidnet with its headquarter in USA was established in 2001 and has its offices in London, Hongkong, Toronto, Tokyo and Sydney is an electronic portal trading in equities for 535 buy-side asset management trading firms, providing quality and speed of trading in 30 equity markets across five continents.