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Microsoft Revamps Browser Ballot For EU's Anti-Trust Settlement

Microsoft Corp, after facing criticism from various other browser makers, has revamped and tweaked its "browser ballot" for the planned anti-trust settlement with European Union regulators, hoping to ward off the bad remarks which the company had been slapped with. The reported development came as a result of various other browser makers complaining about the fact that the form's earlier accord gave it an unfair advantage.

Major Stock Markets Across the World Climb Higher

As the focus shifted to the current week's profitable number posted by major world economies, and Dubai's debt woes took a backseat, major stock markets all over the world ticked higher on Wednesday. The European Central Bank's meeting to discuss rates also helped take the focus off Dubai's financial troubles.

All main stock indicators recorded a hike of more than 1%, including the Dow Jones Index, which managed to add 126 points and traded at above 10,500 points for the first time in over a year.

EU's Pressure to Let its Currency Rise against the Yuan Rejected by China

As has been confirmed by official reports, Prime Minister of China, Mr. Wen Jiabao, has completely rejected to succumb under European pressure to let the country's Yuan rise against the Euro. While rejecting the offer and speaking at a summit with the EU leaders in Nanjing, Mr. Wen proclaimed that it was completely unfair of Europe to "demand exchange rate changes while maintaining trade protectionism".

Guidance on A400M to be retreated by EADS

Following reports confirming notable price increase, Airbus parent EADS informed Wednesday about its plans to repeat financial guidance related to the delayed A400M military transporter programme.

Via an emailed statement, EADS said, "With regard to recent press reports on the A400M programme, EADS explicitly cautions against the misinterpretation of figures taken out of their context as long as negotiations with the customer OCCAR and the launch nations are ongoing."

US senators ask EC antitrust regulators to approve the Oracle-Sun deal

US senators ask EC antitrust regulators to approve the Oracle-Sun deal

In their November 24-dated open letter to the European Commission (EC), as many as 59 US senators have asked the EC antitrust regulators to conclude their excruciatingly prolonged investigation of Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems and simply give the deal the requisite go ahead.

Deutsche Lufthansa Breaks All Records

Deutsche Lufthansa Breaks All Records

Boosted by the purchase of Austrian Airlines AG and U.K. carrier BMI, the Deutsche Lufthansa AG, which is Europe’s second-largest airline, managed a high by 24 per cent in its profits in the third quarter.

The net income of the company went up by $271 million (184 million euros), as compared to 149 million euros, a year ago. According to reports, Deutsche Lufthansa is purchasing weaker airlines to build market share.

Expecting a tough fourth quarter, the airlines are expected to incurred a loss of $11 billion this year.

European research reveals that cancer risk due to obesity on the increase!


As per a report in the Associated Press, European researchers said that, vis-à-vis the more commonly-known causes of cancer, like smoking and hormone replacement therapy for women, risk of cancer due to the obesity epidemic could dramatically increase in the coming years.

Noting that women are more vulnerable to fall prey to obesity-related cancer, a recently-released European study said that within the next decade, obesity will become the main cause of cancer for women in Western countries.