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European Union’s Worsening Fate

Dominique Strauss KahnDominique Strauss-Kahn, the head of the International Monetary Fund, has opined that best way of addressing the problems creeping up in the European Union is to utilize the fact that "Truth is ruthless".

Jean-Pierre Jouyet, President of the French Financial Markets Authority, added that the present situation in the European Union is the fallout of culture of connivance".

A Hit Future Feared by EuroZone Debt

A Hit Future Feared by EuroZone Debt Accompanied by apprehension that the Eurozone's debt crisis could persist spreading to Spain and Portugal, the U. S. stocks are expected to open sharply lower Monday.

European Stocks Slumped

European Stocks SlumpedEuropean stocks renounced early increases on Monday, as banking stocks were down among concerns regarding the influence of the Bank of Spain's help of CajaSur.

On Saturday, Spain's central bank shifted to acquire church-controlled savings bank, CajaSur, having 0.6% of full Spanish banking assets that experienced problems owing to troubled realty exposure.

Working Overtime Bad For The Heart

Working Overtime Bad For The HeartWorking overtime does not benefit the heart, which finding published in the European Heart Journal, found rates of angina, non-fatal heart attacks and death from heart-related conditions was 60% higher in people working three hours beyond the normal, seven-hour day, in comparison with those who didn’t do overtime.

No Health Risk from Volcanic Ash

No Health Risk from Volcanic AshOn Tuesday it was told by the World Health Organization that the ash particles from the volcano that is erupting in Iceland would remain high in the atmosphere and would not cause any harm to the people in Europe.

On Friday people were told that the smoke could be dangerous for those suffering from asthma and respiratory problems, but, later on it was told by WHO that there was no harm to public health.

HP and Omnifone launch MusicStation for unlimited music

HP and Omnifone launch MusicStation for unlimited musicThe World's biggest computer manufacturer, Hewlett-Packard (HP) has entered into an agreement with Omnifone to offer digital music content on some new models of HP sold in Europe.

The companies will launch MusicStation providing users access to 6.5 million tracks from record companies like Universal, Sony, EMI and Warner and also independent labels.

MHRA suspends the licence of popular obesity drug Reductil

MHRA suspends the licence of popular obesity drug ReductilWith the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)'s recent decision to suspend the licence of the popular obesity drug Reductil, due to concerns that it leads to an increase in heart attacks and stroke risks, tens of thousands of Britons have been advised to discontinue the use of the fat-busting drug.