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Dr. Grudzinskas Apprehensive Of Tests Which Predict Menopause

Dr. Grudzinskas Apprehensive Of Tests Which Predict MenopauseDr. Gedis Grudzinskas is a world renowned fertility doctor. He does not seem to be impressed by this week's discovery that the doctors will soon be able to predict when a woman will go into menopause.

Manufacturing industry data affecting the global recovery

Manufacturing industry data affecting the global recoveryEurope and China are the manufacturing power houses in the world. But the recent disappointing manufacturing reports from both the regions have created concerns and it has tensed the investors.

ECB Lends 131.9 bn in 3 Month Funds

ECBAs banks faced the refund of close to half a trillion Euros in 12-month funds, the European Central Bank provided the banks with 131.9 billion Euros, in three-month funds on Wednesday.

About 171 banks had borrowed funds at a flat rate of 1% in the operation; the ECB said which was below expectation.

Euro Tumbles a Lifetime Low against the Swiss Franc

Franc-EuroAs fears over the health of the Euro zone financial system increased, the Euro tumble to a record low against the Swiss Franc on Tuesday and hit its lowest stage for eight and a half years against the Yen.

Reactions towards the single currency are unpleasant as investors anticipated the termination of a big financing program from the Central Bank of Europe.

Yen and Dollar Mount Against Euro

Euro-Dollar-YenSparking augmented demand for the safest currencies, the Yen and the Dollar mounted against the Euro as indications that the global economic recovery is irresolute.

Fitch Claims Euro Risk to be Hyped, Recommends ECB to Do More

European-Central-BankAccording to the Fitch's Head of sovereign ratings, the markets around the globe are over estimating the risk of euro zone, but the European Central Bank will have to work more for ensuring the stability in the economy.

David Riley addressed the panel on sovereign debt at the St Petersburg Economic Forum and said that the concerns about fiscal solvency, except Greece, in Europe are “overplayed".

Jerome Kerviel under Pressure

Jerome Kerviel under Pressure

Jerome Kerviel was under a lot of pressure and after it was discovered that he was responsible for unauthorized bets that cost the bank, Societe Generale SA a loss of 4.9 billion Euros ($6 billion). This was confirmed by Valerie Rolland-Lesueur, who worked with him at the bank.

She confirmed this in the court while testifying in the case. She was working with Jerome in the bank’s compliance and control group. She also answered questions about her relationship with Jerome apart from the bank’s compliance techniques.