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EU dwells upon FTC Apple Probe

EU dwells upon FTC Apple ProbeThe European Commission has associated itself with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigation that has to do with Apple's monopolistic business motives.

The sources quoted by the New York Post claims that EU regulators are looking upon the policies imposed by Apple by the developers that keeps a tab of futuristic anti-trust litigation.

European Stocks turning Flat

european-stocksEuropean stock souk are estimated to unbolt mainly flat on Wednesday, as investors measure the insinuation of the Federal Reserve's most recent plans to kindle the U. S. economy, whilst also representing a few vigilance since the newest economic data out of China signals a hold back in its worldwide expansion.

Google Relaxes Online Advertising Policy in Europe

googleGoogle has eased the online advertising policies in Europe, which means advertisers can now register brand names as keywords.

This step has soon been taken soon after the European Court of Justice stated that Google is no more responsible if counterfeiters make use of the names in order to reclaim names of pronounced brands in lieu of promoting their products on the platform.

Mainframe giant IBM to face two competition-inquires

Mainframe giant IBM to face two competition-inquiresThe European Commission has called for two competition inquiries to find out whether the firm IBM has abused its position in the mainframe computers market.

One of the two inquiries will be carried out following allegations by two software making firms named Turbo Hercules and T3. These inquiries will see whether IBM has created any obstacle for its competitor firms to do their business freely.

Honda Civic makes it presence on internet before its official launch

Honda Civic makes it presence on internet before its official launchWhen Honda Civic, new version of Honda is on its test drive in Europe, it was clicked by a photographer and the images were revealed on internet.

Results for European Banks will come out on Friday

European-Union-BankOn Friday a detailed report regarding dependability of its banking system will be revealed by the European Union .It can be expected that the pressure on it, regarding fear of debt burden of the continent, felt by the market, will ease out.  

ECB Keeps Rates at Record Low 1%, Dubious Liquidity Support Prospect

ECB Keeps Rates at Record Low 1%, Dubious Liquidity Support ProspectThe European Central Bank kept hold of its main interest rate at a record low of 1.0% for the fourteenth month consecutively on Thursday, as anticipated by economists.