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New Set of Theoretical Models Could Help in Hunt of New Planets

2013, July 25 - 10:10

New-PlanetsCarnegie's Alan Boss has devised a new set of theoretical model to show an outburst event in the sun's formative years. This could help explain some of this disparate evidence. Moreover, it could help in the hunt for habitable planets outside of our solar system.

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A Change to be Followed on Ambulance Paramedic Protocols

2013, July 25 - 10:02

ambulancesDuring an audit conducted statewide, it has been found that people are misusing the services of NSW ambulances. They are being called for replacing a light bulb, for treating against bee stings or for curing bed bugs. As a result, the beds at NSW hospitals get occupied by non-emergency patients and those who are in actual need have to wait.

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An Initiative to Improve Living of People Who Have Lost their Limbs

2013, July 25 - 10:01

People-Lost-LimbsA team of Japanese developers recently produced a flexible electrical circuit, which is one-fifth the thickness of food wrap and is lighter than the weight of a feather. According to the team, this circuit can prove to be highly useful in improving the movement of artificial limbs.

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Right Training Should be Given to Activate “Empathy Switch” of Psychopathic Criminals

2013, July 25 - 09:54

Psychopathic-CriminalsIt is very important to develop and realize sympathy for others. It helps you support social development so that you can respond properly in everyday situations. Putting yourself in others shoes and then understanding the situation makes you categorized normal.

In a recent research, it has been found that psychopaths do not lack empathy. It is just that they use it, or we can say activate it, only when they wish.

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Smoking during Pregnancy May Lead to Behavioural Problems in Kids

2013, July 25 - 08:25

SmokingA study has lately revealed that women who smoke during pregnancy increase the risk of their unborn babies to have behavioural issues.

In comparison, kids of mothers who do not light up while expecting have lesser odds of such problems. The study, published in JAMA Psychiatry, was conducted by Gordon Harold and colleagues from the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom.

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Doctor’s Mistake Allegedly Causes Death

2013, July 25 - 08:22

AllegedlyAn inquest has recently heard that a doctor mistakenly announced a patient under a "do not resuscitate" order. The same caused the six-year-old patient named Jack Adcock to die.

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Psychologist Killed by Party Drug

2013, July 25 - 08:19

Party-DrugRecent reports have uncovered that a talented trainee psychologist died after consuming a party drug. This drug was outlawed only a month ago. She was a former A-star Catholic girls' school pupil. She was immediately rushed to hospital but suffered from heart attack and eventually died.

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Researchers Working Hard to Save Lizard that Shoots Blood out of Eyes

2013, July 24 - 13:13

LizardThe Greater Short-Horned Lizard is one of a kind as it shoots blood out of its eyes. The lizard can be spotted in Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan and also in southeast region of Alberta.

It is said that researchers have been making efforts to save the lizard. The lizard has been listed as `at risk specie' in Canada. A group of biologists with Parks Canada have been carrying out study to know more about the specie.

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New Accountable Healthcare Model Promises Better Care at Low Costs

2013, July 24 - 13:03

HealthcareA recent report has been claiming that consumers, who have been maneuvered by accountable healthcare's new model, are likely to actively look for participating providers.

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Pitts helps in drafting Medicare Payments

2013, July 24 - 13:01

Medicare-Payments.According to some reports and observations, it has been said that there are a number of issues in Congress that are so complex that they cannot bring a positive solution to the problem. The reason is unnoticed and even when the members find themselves holding same side of the coin; no results have been witnessed on the floor.

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