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High Heels Cause Many Health Hazards

2013, July 25 - 12:43

image/jpeg iconHigh-Heels.jpg

Heels might be good friends of women, but they are not good for body structure.  Experts were of the view that wearing heels can create a number of health complications.

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Girls who Walk to School Have Improved Cognitive Performance

2013, July 25 - 12:40

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Recently, a study has been carried out by a group of researchers from different educational institutions like University of Granada, University of Zaragoza, Autonomous University of Madrid and the Spanish National Research Council in Madrid.

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Elegant Straw-necked Ibis

2013, July 25 - 11:55

image/jpeg iconElegant-Straw-necked-Ibis.jpg

Perth's common ibis perform an elegant exercise in precision while flying. They follow a V-shaped flight which demands least energy for long distances. They flap their wings at the same time and glide together. They have long necks and sickle-shaped beaks stretched before them.

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Israeli Researchers Leading in Terms of Winning Grants by ERC

2013, July 25 - 11:52

image/png iconIsraeli-Researchers-Leading-Winning-Grants-ERC.png

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Prof. Shy Arkin affirmed lately that as many as 32 of the European Research Council (ERC)'s 287 main five-year scientific grants to young scientists across the globe were given to Israeli researchers this year.

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It is the 93rd Birthday of DNA scientist Rosalind Franklin

2013, July 25 - 10:14

image/jpeg iconRosalind-Franklin-93rd-Birthday-DNA-scientist.jpg

With the contributions of Rosalind Franklin, a British biophysicist and x-ray crystallographer, the structure of DNA was discovered as deoxyribonucleic acid.

But it was her bad luck that she missed the opportunity of getting the Nobel Prize.

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New Model to Boost Moura Health Services: Health Minister

2013, July 25 - 10:04

image/jpeg iconLawrence-Springborg.jpg

Queensland Health Minister Lawrence Springborg said the community's work with authorities has resulted in the new Moura Hospital. The facility was initially proposed to be closed by the Central Queensland Health and Hospital Board, but it later on devised a new model after receiving consultations from a community group.

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Growing Criticism over Lack of Funding in Research on Pig Ecology

2013, July 25 - 10:02

image/jpeg iconPig.jpg

A young boy was attacked by a wild pig in Far North Queensland that has led to denounce recent cuts to feral animal research. The 10-year-old Ashton Davenport boy was bored by a bite in the neck. He is currently under recovery.

The boy was attacked by the pig while he was playing with a mate on the beach near his home at Wonga Beach, north of Cairns.

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Less than One in Four Hospitals Meet their Targets to Treat Patients within Four Hours

2013, July 25 - 09:56

image/jpeg iconEmergency-Patients.jpg

According to new figures released by the National Health Performance Authority, less than one in four hospitals were found to meet their targets to treat emergency patients within four hours in the first three months of this year.

The figures showed that only six of 28 hospitals in Victoria met the target of treating 75% patients within four hours.

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Researchers Work in Collaboration against Next Human Pandemic

2013, July 25 - 09:50

image/jpeg iconDeadly-Viruses.jpg

Australian scientists have begun working with researchers from around the world in a bid to handle the next human pandemic before it emerges. The researchers have warned that next human pandemic is likely to begin in Asia, the Middle East or Australia.

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